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Plastics Unlimited, Inc. originated in the mid-60's as a supplier in the Graphic Arts Industry providing plastic binding equipment and supplies. Plastic comb bindings were the major products being produced by us at that time. Our specialty was custom finished bindings.

Throughout the years we have expanded our products and services to include our lamination services, which we are well known for today. These services include the laminating of paper and substrate materials as provided by our customers.

With the diversification of our laminating services we have become a major supplier to many of Wisconsin's printers and lithographers. We have gained a strong reputation to be able to furnish and meet our customer needs in the laminating field.

Because of our capabilities to work with laminating products, we have included identification products in our product line. These include many of the identification tags, as well as photo identification badges that you see today.

We will continue to respond to our customer needs in the future by adding any additional product lines to fill these needs.


We aspire to become strategic partners with our customers to help them develop innovative products that reflect our expertise and depth of resources. As a leader in providing lamination services, bindery and identification products to our industry, we will be unequaled in our commitment to deliver quality and value in our services.



We are a caring and innovative team dedicated to improving the quality products and services for the customers we serve. We realize the world and our marketplace are neither simple nor ideal. They're fast-paced, extremely competitive and constantly changing. As individuals, we at Plastics Unlimited represent an increasingly wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. Realizing our vision, to produce products and services succeeding in a performance-driven market, is a challenge. Success requires commitment, and it requires values.


More than honest. More than truth. Integrity is our guideline. Integrity is not something we turn off and on when we are in the mood or when it looks good. Integrity is constant. It's there when no one is looking. It is always what drives each and every one of us.


We hear a lot about excellence. For Plastics Unlimited, Inc., valuing excellence means understanding and meeting our customers' needs. Because we claim excellence, we want to prove it. Therefore, each and every one of us must constantly adhere to the processes that deliver the best results for our customers. It means providing people with the knowledge and support that help them better manage their own day-to-day job responsibilities. Excellence is a continual process. As we work together daily, as a team, we will continually improve and provide that excellence to our customers.


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