Plastics Unlimited, Inc. capabilities evolve around providing products and services in the film-laminating field. We work with film laminations and do not do any liquid coatings. Many films are either of the thermal activated adhesive or the pressure sensitive adhesive types. Substrate surfaces will vary pending applications. Polyester, polypropylene, vinyl, polycarbonates and many other types of films can be applied.

Additional services apply to the final finishing or assembly of our customer products. Please contact our office to find out additional information on these services. Enclosed is a list to briefly describe our capabilities.

• Laminations (Thermal)

One-side capabilities are limited to press sheet size of 30” X 40”
Two-side capabilities: 30” X 40” feeder size.
Maximum width of 80”

• Laminations (Pressure Sensitive)

One and two side capabilities. Max width of 80”
Film weights will vary from 1.3/mil up to 15/mil.
Clear gloss, satin, matte, chrome and opaque are available.

• Mounting and Laminating to Foam Boards

Foam core boards
Gator boards
Chip boards
These boards will vary in thickness: 1/16”, 1/8”, ”, 3/8” and ”.
Open and closed cell foams can also be applied.

• Die Cutting (Steel Rule)

Counter pads, Mouse pads, Tags, Laminated shapes with edge seals.
Limited to size: 20” X 20”

• Miscellaneous Assembly/Bindery

Taping: Pressure sensitive tapes affixed to laminated sheets.
Easels: Affix easel. Single and double wing available.
Magnetic tapes: Mounted and affixed as needed.
Comb bindings: Short run projects only. Cerlox bindings.
Hole drilling and punching (usually laminated products).
Corner rounding: 1/16” up to ” radius
Collating/inserting: Collate products after lamination. Insert protective sheets as needed.
Poly bag: Poly bag customer product as needed.
Shrink Wrap

• Eyeleting / Grommeting

1/16” up to ”

• Plastic Comb Bindings

Manufacture bindings from ” – 2” diameter and up to 76 ring maximum.

• Custom Imprinting

Silk screen and foil stamping capable.
Services used for printing of plastic bindings and cover material
Size varies 18” X 18” , 6” X 9”

• Pouching

Custom manufacturer of pre-sized laminating pouches. Sizes will vary up to 24” wide.

• Fulfillment

We will package, label and ship per customer request.

• Vinyl Heat Seal Items

Custom manufactured or stock sizes available of clear vinyl envelopes. Gauge thickness specified at quote time.

• 3-Ring or Multiple Ring Binders

Includes vinyl heat seal or polyethylene type binders.
Custom printed to specifications.

• Equipment Distribution Sales and Service

We are distributor of the various types and brands of equipment as specified. Repair service, parts and warranty work can be provided for these brands as needed.

Plastic Comb Binding: GBC and Ibico

Velo-Bind Systems: GBC

Laminators (Thermal): GBC, Ledco, Banner and Thermal

Laminators (Pressure Sensitive): Ledco

Paper Shredders: GBC (Shredmaster) and MBM (DestroyIt)

Photo Identification Supplies: Polaroid, GBC, and ID Products

Video Image Identification: VSC, Polaroid and Episuite

Video PVC Card Printers: Eltron, Fargo and Datacard

Please contact our offices with the specifications of your next project and we will furnish you with a quotation on our products and services as needed. Because many details can be overseen or forgotten, it is important to fax your request to our offices.


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